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“Allow yourself to enjoy each Happy Moment of Your Life”  by Steve Maraboli

The question is can we make a happy moment work for us? And the answer is Yes, if one is willing.   A happy moment can come at the end of much awaited period of time or surprise one at the least expected times. It could be a set of results most eagerly awaited, a simple smile from our nearest and dearest, a promotion most sought after, the birth of a child, a well deserved praise or just a wow-moment amidst nature. It could be silent or thunderous; it could have any hue or colour.

A happy moment never fails to touch us. One dances with joy, the heart misses a beat and the feeling of exhilaration is all engulfing. One wishes to sing with joy, hug someone, thank profusely or cry with happiness. Life couldn’t have been better and there is not a care in the world. But sadly these moments are far and few.

I have tried to make my happy moments work for me. Let me share it with you how.  I try to ride the wave of happiness and immerse myself in it completely. I try to feel it intensely through all the senses. I capture the beauty of the moment with my eyes and hear the sounds associated with it-gentle or loud. I inhale the fragrance associated with it and taste the exuberance of it all. I am aware of the experience and try to live that sense of achievement. I have worked hard and waited for this moment and it is worth ‘feeling’ that happiness!

There is a sense of gratitude towards people who helped me in the journey, those who contributed to make it happen and without whose support it would not have been possible. Family members, friends, the trees along the path which I tread, the clear blue sky that fills me with energy, the river that I enjoy everyday; all deserve my gratitude.  Even a motivating message on the mobile or signboard which unknowingly kindles the spark towards the next step earns a thank you.

The idea is to make the happy moment work for me. Each time I involve my senses, I capture it in my body and mind. The mind never forgets an experience which it has cherished and stored so lovingly. I try not to let the happy moments become distant memories and revisit them often. I share them with friends and my loved ones. It encourages them to identify with my moment of joy inspiring them to look for theirs.

The more happy moments I create, the more relaxed I become.  The mind tunes in to capturing more of these moments. It attracts smaller, subtler moments unknowingly and unconsciously. In times when I feel low or lonely these moments come to my rescue uplifting instantly and never letting me lie low for too long. They inform that it has been possible in the past and is achievable in the future. How do you enjoy your wave of happiness and make it last? Share your thoughts.

Divya Chandra, Choice for Change Coaching