Watch this first series of Sumilier Talkies - short and fun video documentaries to learn quick and easy wine tips, wine hacks and pointers to wine accessories, serving tips, seasonal selections and recommendations, so you can be upto speed on everything you need to know about buying, serving and sharing wines with your friends. Smart tips that make you look knowledgeable and wine savvy! For the discerning travellers, there are also some exotic wine destination videos to help unlock new wine destination and travel adventures!

Wine expert Sumi Sarma concludes the first series of Sumilier Talkies highlighting the challenging times for all of us that made her take this journey. Watch this episode for some real-life entertaining and crazy Bloopers that makes this last episode more entertaining so you can see the filming dynamics behind the scenes. We will come out with our new series real soon!

Find out more about my love for India!! In this penultimate episode of Season 1 of Sumilier Talkies, Wine expert Sumi Sarma takes you to visit York Winery, premium, boutique family-run winery in the Wine capital of India, Nasik. Watch Sumi’s discussions with Sachin Darade in charge of Sales and Operations of York winery as she highlights the wide offerings from their premium range of wines, that have won international accolades and medals. Viewers can also find out where to buy York wines from. This is the third of three episodes bringing out India as an emerging and exciting wine destination.

Wine expert, Sumi Sarma addresses a question posed to her by many wine sippers – what causes a headache when you drink wine? Is it Sulphite? Hear what Sumi has to say on headaches as she breaks down individual constituents in the wine to explain their cause and effect. A video that helps you get to the root of the problem with quick remedies on how to avoid wine induced headaches! Note- The same also applies to hangovers as well. The video maintains a positive fun vibe using some key basics of alcohol metabolism, as Sumi subtly weaves in the importance of moderation, while enjoying the pleasures of wine, as essential ways of keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Wine expert, Sumi Sarma answers a question posed by a lovely viewer on how to safely pour wine without causing any spills or drips! Watch this short, entertaining and educational video on recommended wine accessories for a safe pour! Plus a quick tip on pouring without accessories through a secret tip demonstrated by Sumi, “Pour, twist and lift” which will change your life!! and not get spills on your pastel clothes anymore!

Wine expert Sumi Sarma goes to her home country India to visit Sula vineyards. Watch as shares the beautiful setting, ambience of Sula and how the changing demand pattern is increasing thirst for Indian wines. Also featured is the talk with the winemaker of Sula. A brilliant episode to learn about the emerging wine industry in India and the changing palate of the Indian consumer.

Wine expert, Sumi Sarma demonstrates different styles of glassware used for serving champagne, how they have evolved over time and advantages and drawbacks of each of them. An episode for champagne and sparkling wine lovers as well as those who enjoy learning about how the type of glassware we choose affects the tasting and perception on our palate.

Learn to use a corkscrew through this video demonstrated by Wine expert, Sumita Sarma. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy if you are unsure about using a corkscrew. This is an art that takes a while to acquire as any sommelier would tell you. In this video, Sumi takes you step by step on how to open a bottle of wine using a choice of two most basic and commonly used corkscrews.

Wine expert Sumi Sarma takes you on a journey to explore Wines of her land of origin – India! In this episode, she visits Vallonne Vineyards based in Nasik and brings out the European styled wines made by this boutique winery. Sumi explains the shift in the Indian palate and increasing appetite to appreciate diverse styles of wines that India now produces. This video proudly celebrates the success of Indian wineries, achieved till date and their promising potential for the future.

The episode is the second part of a two-part series wine documentary where Wine expert, Sumi Sarma continues her journey exploring Chocolate and Wine Pairing possibilities. Part 2 involves White and Milk Chocolate Pairing with Wines. Sarma introduces tactile palate interactions to bring out the nuances of pairing chocolates with wine. There are some out-of-the-box wine pairings that you may not have thought about before! Watch both parts to find out what you have been missing about chocolate and wines. Part 1 (Episode 11 focuses on dark chocolates with wines)

Confused about what wines to pair with chocolates? Should wines be lusciously sweet? In this episode Wine expert, Sumi Sarma takes on a professional chocolatier’s question on what wines to pair with dark chocolates. Fun episode with a crazy tasting experiment featuring her daughter Anika, so hope you enjoy! Don’t miss this first of two-part series. And share with us what you liked most.

Wine expert, Sumi Sarma celebrates completing 10 episodes of Sumilier Talkies along with the joy of the first few countries declared COVID free. In this episode, she focuses on New Zealand and how it has successfully countered COVID 19 and the strategies it is working on, to navigate the “new normal” world markets, in the post COVID era. Featuring our special guest, Chris Stroud, Marketing Manager for New Zealand Wines in Europe (NZ Growers).

Wine expert Sumita Sarma explains why some wines need to be decanted giving examples of wines that benefit from decanting. A great reference guide if you are unsure when and how to decant wines. Sumi opens a classic excellent Barolo vintage 2005 to demonstrate the act of decanting.

Wine expert Sumi Sarma answers this common dilemma faced by most of us on how long an open bottle of wine can be stored and if red wines can be preserved in a refrigerator once opened. The tips mentioned here are quick and practical ways of preserving open bottles of wine, while also understanding the technical aspect and chemistry of how a wine evolves. A great episode with some practical tips to take away for wine lovers as well as casual sippers.

Our lovely viewer Andrea Dietz won a bottle of wine for this question. Courtesy, Cellier Des Dauphins

Need help with choosing red wines and nibbles to pair in summer? Any other fun things to do with red wines in summer?? Wine Expert Sumi Sarma answers these questions of one of our viewers and says it all depends on what you choose, giving useful and easy tips on choosing ‘the right red wines’ during summer. She also explains yummy nibbles and snacks to pair red wines with. Further on giving a zippy recipe to serve in summer using red wines. A great question posed by one of our viewers, Nina Lee that won her a prize! Courtesy: Cellier des Dauphins wines

Wine expert, Sumi Sarma discusses with Wine Sales specialist, David Cartwright on Wine Sales and Buying during Covid-19 lockdown. Informative content on changes in the consumer buying models, retail supply and distribution models as well as producer digital branding, marketing and packaging models coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Wine expert Sumi Sarma explains the reasons why wines are aged in oak using Bodegas Muga Reserva wine as a classic example of oak-aged wine.

Wine expert Sumi Sarma learns about the steep terroir and grapes of DOC Cinque Terre, the Italian Riviera along the dramatic rugged coastline of Ligurian Sea

Happy International Sauvignon Blanc Day on First Friday of every May. Wine expert, Sumi Sarma talks about this aromatic grape that has captured the world taking example from wines of Marlborough region of New Zealand to showcase the qualities of this grape.

Wine expert, Sumi Sarma discusses viticulture with Jason Lett, proprietor Eyrie Vineyards, Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Wine expert Sumi Sarma answers the question on WHAT ARE CRU BOURGEOIS WINES?