Sumilier®, offers services for consumers and wine trade, including producers and restaurants. Based out of London and Surrey but having connections globally, Sumi can lend her technical and commercial expertise in myriad ways, as a wine consultant. 

Wine is a great medium to form social connections and paves way for insightful self-exploration, one that makes use of our senses. How beautiful that each of us perceive taste and aromatics in different ways!  Sharing these perceptions is a good mental exercise that helps form meaningful social bonds amongst people. If and when used skilfully, wine and food interactions can lead to amazing social connections and a deeper appreciation of things around us. The outcome is the perfect balance of ‘Purpose and Pleasure’ which at the end, is what we all seek to attain in our lives. 

Sumilier aims to educate the palate by reaching out to consumers from diverse backgrounds and connecting them through the medium of wine, using unique narratives and stories of passionate producers. The ultimate aim is to celebrate age-old wine traditions and incorporating them to make way for modern ideas and creative talents. 

In keeping with this mission, Sumilier offers the following services:


Sumilier Tastings covers Master Classes, Tasting Events and Workshops for corporates, individual groups and trade bodies such as PR companies, wine and food festivals and corporates. These tastings are made bespoke to your theme and preference and can cover particular regions or styles or a cross comparison of various regions or grapes. Examples of themes she has conducted tasting events for include:

  • Champagne vs Sparkling Wines Blind Tasting
  • Old world vs New world
  • Regional or Country specific Wine Tastings (such as Bordeaux, Italy, South Africa)
  • Comparative Single Varietal Tasting covering various regions (such as Pinot Noir from New Zealand, Australia, California and Burgundy)
  • Casual Wine & Cheese evening or afternoon
  • Indian Food pairing with Wines
  • Vertical Tasting (from the same producer covering a sequence of years)
  • Horizontal Tasting (from same variety and vintage but from different regions)


We offer the full spectrum of advisory services on wine purchasing, sourcing, market comparison study, allocations as well as cellar management services. For our regular private clients, we organise customised private tastings to educate and create awareness of new trends and emerging grapes and regions around the world. 

Sumi has also self-directed and produced short video documentaries called “Sumilier Talkies” that are interesting for both novices as well as wine connoisseurs, where she brings out quick and easy wine hacks, practical wine tips and accessories to be used with wines. There also videos from off the beaten track as well as emerging wine regions, that will open your eyes to esoteric destinations where you can plan your next wine adventure. 


Sumilier services provide business consultancy for wine producers and restaurants, through strategic advice on communication strategies, brand development, pricing and promotion objectives as well as revamping and updating existing branding and communication strategies to remain competitive. Our services also incorporate sustainable as well socially responsible goals to remain viable, for the benefit of the earth and its wider ecosystem of fauna and flora. 

Through her global experience and detailed works with specialists across all sectors, Sumi can address and cover all aspects of winemaking such as Viticulture, Winemaking, Bottling, Packaging, Shipping and Logistics as well as address contemporary business issues facing the industry.  

Sumi’s unique Asian background and experience working across Asia also offers a unique angle for producers who seek to develop a wider distribution strategy to capture esoteric demographics, outside Europe and the Americas. Her works include, but is not limited to technical tasting notes, exotic culinary pairings with wine as well as integrating the western wine culture into the local cultural etiquettes and norms.