Focusing on Grower Champagnes and English Sparkling Wines, Sumi brings excerpts from “Glass of Bubbly’ Trade Tasting that was held in Oct 2016.  An easy way to learn about champagnes and the associated traditions for consumers who love their fizz and also a chance to hear directly from the hard working producers  and owners who are creating versatile champagnes from Grand Cru vineyards that are as radiant in style as compared to the Grand Marquees.  Sumi meets with owner of Champagne Gauthier, Crowd Funding consultant Victoria Bennett of Champiane Piaff and Jerry Conroy who has a long standing trade association and represents Champagne RC Lemaire outside France. Also in this episode is the gentle introduction of English Fizz, a growing passion amongst sparkling wine lovers, where Sumi meets with the owner of Greyfriars Vineyard, Mike Wagstaff (Oct 2016)