With a history of over 800 years, the exclusive association of”Jurade de St Emillion” is regarded as an auspicious Wine Brotherhood that promotes, protects and upholds the wine traditions serving as the key Ambassador of this region that once held strategic links with England. Every year since its inception around 1199 when it was a highly powerful authority, the Jurade has held a Spring Festival in the third week of June. This year, Anand and I were honoured to be the guests of Chateau Fleur Cardinale, Grand Cru Classé, to witness the ‘Induction Ceremony’ at the Cardinal Palace Moat, with around 40 members of the Jurade honouring wine professionals from around the world who have dedicated their work to keep up the philosophy and the rich traditions of St Emillion. Wearing their distinguished red robes, white pleated jabot and a red torque, the Jurade conducted a highly solemn and dignified ceremony which involved “intronisation” of the dignitaries, then made a procession around the village to spread the word. The sun was out and the soft cooling breeze coupled with the calm procession made it all the more memorable and beautiful!

Back at the host Chateau of the prestigious Clos Fourtet, Premier Grand Cru classè B, the Jurats gave a warm welcome to all of their guests with the First Jurat, Hubert De Bouard personally greeting us. We were then served elegant aperitif with traditional Crémant, locally made with for and with the Jurade label. This was followed by an elegant Black Tie dinner, right along the beautiful green sunny vineyards of Clos Fourtet, all hand prepared by three distinguished Michelin starred Chefs, Alexander Baumard (Le Logis de la Cadéne), David Charrier (Les Belles Perdix de Troplong Mondot) and Ronan Kervarrec (Hostellerie de Plaisance), all from the St Emillion region. An exquisite event of a lifetime, it was an honour being part of a highly regarded tradition being followed for over 800 years now and I thank Fleur Cardinale for extending the warm invitation to us and for ringing in Anand’s birthday in style amongst the distinguished gathering.

Even more impressive was the special pampering by the lovely Chefs with a special 5 course “vegetarian” dinner specially for us, hand prepared from local vegetables matching with the auspicious wines from St. Emillion. We had the choicest selections of wines, a few to mention are Clos Fourtet 2005, Axelle De Valandraud 2010, Grand Mayne 2009 and a super awesome Vintage 1990 of Chateau Beau-Sejour Becot. All the wines and more are displayed the video below. To top it, our exclusive table had a special treat of Fleur Cardinale’s impressive 2008 magnum. All beautifully organised including our own special Jurade’s wristband accessory and an elegant Jurade de St Emillion embossed silver plate as our precious souvenir!

The video below brings to you a summary of the spring festival held in June 2017. Happy viewing!