While exploring the wines of Coop recently, I came across some really interesting bargain wines!! At the moment these wines are on special offer which I have mentioned below so worth running out for!  Even if the offers run out, these are reliable, economical and food friendly wines. These wines that would go very well with your cozy evening get togethers, holiday meals and upcoming festive menus. Here are some of the best picks I have really enjoyed from Co-op selections and that I would love to share with my friends:

KWV Grenache Blanc 2016, Western Cape, South Africa, 14% abv


Rich and ripe apples, white peaches, fennel seeds and minty herbal essence, there is plushness in the texture of this white wine which finishes with white pepper, nutmeg, clove, hazelnut oils. Acidity is crisp and the wine has good typicity of a well made Grenache Blanc. Higher alcohol makes it slightly warming at the end so this wine is appropriate for a cozy winter evening dinner, one that can pair well with creamy and/or earthy dishes. The palate has more expressive tempting flavours that make this a wine go well with rack of lamb, ricotta cheese stuffed mushrooms, eggplant parmigiana, hummus dips, mixed bean and feta salads, creamy salmon pie or even with Roast turkey served on mushroom gravy. (Drinking window now)

Sumilier: 84/100

Available at Coop for 6.99 (Original Price £7.99)

KWV Cinsault 2016, Western Cape, South Africa, 13.5% abv


Pale ruby wine with intense aromatic intensity of ripe strawberries, red cherries accompanied with sweet liquorice notes, soft black pepper, vanilla. Noteworthy is its acidity that is impressively mouthwatering and integrates elegantly into the ripe fruit notes. A soft, fruity, supple wine with a delicate personality, this refreshing wine is the perfect way to start off winter or summer parties and pairs equally well with Escargot, shrimp, lemon marinated chicken kebabs, quiche and warming vegetables such as beetroot, parsnips and butternut squash. (Drinking window now)

Sumilier: 86/100

Available at Coop for £6.99 (Original price £7.99)

Marques de Valido, Rioja Gran Reserva 2009, Spain, 12.5% abv


Bottled by Bodegas Muriel, this is a very wallet friendly traditional Rioja with typical notes of damson plum, vanilla, toast that balance well with the acidity and luscious texture. Super long ageing of 5 years before release means the wine is softer, deeper with pronounced oak notes. A fabulous wine at a superb price that will go well with a holiday meal such as lamb curry or roast turkey or even pork loin. 2009 for Rioja was a reasonably good vintage with slight over production of grapes due to a warm and dry summer (after a cold spring start) but the yields were scaled back to reflect quality. Drinking window (2017-2019)

Sumilier: 87/100

Available at Coop for £10.99 (Original price £12.99)

Anciano Reserva 2010, Valdepeñas (aged 5 years), Spain, 13%abv


Anciano comes from south of Spain and is flanked by mountain ranges to the south as well as to east and west (Sierra Morena). The DO (Denominación de Origen) itself is situated on a plateau so altitude and limestone gravel and poor soils are what help in producing quality grapes in the region. Elegant baked cherries on the palate with a sweet vanilla and liquorice finish, the wine has a spicy appeal with concentrated notes of raspberry and cherry bakewell tart notes, ripened prunes, thyme, coriander and kaffir lime leaves opening into complex smoky notes of tobacco and wet soil. Brilliant acidity combining with fruit notes, the tannins are grippy yet ripe and evolving. Great wine to pair with main course such as casserole, morocco stew, roast lamb and cheese. (Drinking window 2017- 2019)

Sumilier: 88/100

Available at Coop for £5.99 (Original Price £7.99)

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